What is RootableWrites?

Rootablewrites is such a platform where you will get in touch with all the keywords presented in the world with an easy concept and true knowledge.

As the name is self-explanatory, Rootablewrites is the place that is connected to their roots and here we will share all the information in our own words with some additional value. It’s a place where we will share our knowledge through our words to the world and which is somehow going to help everyone.


Let’s meet our TEAM MEMBERS

About Mrs. Sugandha Agarwal

Mrs. Sugandha Agarwal is an MBA graduate who was working with the different organizations in Gurgaon, India for 2 years as HR Recruiter but now she will going to share her knowledge and information through this blog. She will try to cover the topics and share the information which is required.

Before that, while doing graduation she was into blogging 7 years back with her very first blog Techosky, which she initially started with Blogger platform and later on migrated to Word Press platform with the help of her friend Mr. Atish Ranjan, but due to some personal issues, she had to quit it and move further and now after 7 years later just after her marriage her husband Mr.Ritesh Jindal discovered her love for writing and blogging so motivated her to come back to blogging with this blog. She is working as a teacher in her local area along with her recruitment as a freelancer.

About Mr. Ritesh Jindal

Mr. Ritesh Jindal is a B.A.LL.B graduate who is currently working as a Businessman with the firm GLOBAL WORLD as a legal advisor in the Uttarakhand region for last 5 years. He has practiced as a Criminal Lawyer in Pilibhit (UP) for 1 year and as a Taxation lawyer in Khatima (UK) for 3 years. He has done many social activities in his District as Human Rights Violations under NFPR. He has performed as a Singer, Dancer on many platforms.

He is into writing (poems, articles, and stories) from the last 15 years inspired by Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan Ji’s famous author of the book Madhushala.  Currently, he is performing his compositions (poems, articles, and stories) on many National platforms.

Starting of Rootablewrites

We (Sugandha, Ritesh) were discussing with our friend Kanika regarding the domain name, we were looking for some generic name because we don’t want to limit with any particular niche so we decided to go with the ROOTABLEWRITES.COM as this blog will share limitless information which will cover the maximum topics. As Roots are limitless and it connects the Tree and holds it for years same way this blog will connect all the dots and will be live for years to fulfill the purpose of knowledge sharing.