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You must want to know ­­Why to advertise on Rootablewrites

Rootablewrites is a popular multi-niche blog which talks about Societal Issues, Technology, Social Media, etc. In a little span of time Rootablewrites not only made a name of its own but has progressed amazingly. You may read the About Us of Rootablewrites to know more about the blog and team.

We at Rootablewrites try to get the best and well-researched content that caters a wide gamut of readership who’re interested in posts on topics related to Technology, Blogging, Social Media, Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Magazine, Poem, Movies, Short-Story, How-To, Societal Thoughts.

Rootablewrites has reached this position in just a little time and get praises for its quality. Rootablewrites has one or other categories of every kind and age group. Rootablewrites is one of the best quality multi-niche blogs that offer thoughtful, meaningful, and helpful content for all age groups.

Most of all content of Rootablewrites is extensively shared on all social media tools by our viewers.

Where to advertise on Rootablewrites

There are 6 different positions on the blog where you can place your ad banner.

Ad Spot 1 – Top Header Banner Ad (970×90 or 728×90)

Location: at the top of the blog [above the fold]; presently hosting the Google Adsense banner; on all posts and pages, including home page.

Ad Spot 2 – Below Featured Image Ad (468×60)

Location: few lines below the featured image on all posts of the blog, except home page and other pages. Presently hosting the Google Adsense ad.

Ad Spot 3 – Post Bottom Ad (336×280)

Location: at the bottom of all post content, above the Author’s bio, except home page and other pages.

Ad Spot 4 – Sidebar Top Ad (300×250)

Location: at the top of the posts and pages sidebar [above the fold], excluding home page. Presently hosting the Google Adsense ad.

Ad Spot 5 – Sidebar Ad box (125×125)

Location: on the sidebar of all posts and pages, except the home page. There will be at least 2 such Ads in a block.

Ad Spot 6 – Vertical banner (160×600)

Location: only on the homepage in the center.

What are the other options to advertise on Rootablewrites

There are other advertising opportunities on Rootablewrites besides the above-discussed ad positions and slots. You may sponsor a category or sponsor a post to advertise your service or product. You may ask for a paid review of your site or product. However, there may be many strings attached to such offerings.

What to do to advertise on Rootablewrites

Only serious queries will be entertained. You are requested to include all the information about your company/site/product in the email. If you’re interested to have your ad banner on the posts and pages of Rootablewrites, or If you wish to sponsor, then please contact us or mail us.