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Interview Series – #SuggiTalksWith – Mr. Amit Sah

Amit Sah

Hello everyone,
Welcome to thestorymist Interview Series which is done on different platforms including youtube, Spotify, anchor as a podcast. Thestorymist is famous for sharing Hindi poems, Hindi short stories, and Interviews of different personalities.
We have started a new session called #SuggiTalksWith, Podcast Interview in which we are inviting people from different backgrounds and sharing their views and about their motivational story to the audience.

Recently we have interviewed Mr. Amit Sah, he is a talented person and a very big name in photography

Amit Sah
Amit Sah

Let’s look at the questions which have been asked to Mr. Amit Sah

Q1. हम सब लोगो ने आपका काम देखा है, लेकिन आखिर कौन है ‘अमित शाह’?

Q2. किस्से प्रेरित हो कर आपने फोटोग्राफी जगत में कदम रखा?

Q3. आप अपनी उपलब्धियों के बारे में बताये?

Q4. Amit Shah – The Photographer के अलावा हम आपको किसी और नाम से बुला सकते है?

Q5. हम आपकी फ़ोटो की खूबसूरती आपके शब्दो में सुनना चाहते है?

Q6. जो लोग फोटोग्राफी के जगत में नाम कमाना चाहते है उनके लिए कोई सुझाव आपकी तरफ से ?

Q7. अपने आगे के प्रोजेक्ट्स के बारे में बताईये?

Q8. कैसा लगा आपको आज इंटरव्यू देते वक्त, और कुछ लाइन्स आप thestorymist के Listeners के लिए कहना चाहते है?

Apart from all the above questions, some others questions were also asked by us.

To know more about this great personality, please listen to this podcast interview on spotify you just need to search our channel name (thestorymist) or you can go to thestorymist youtube channel. You can post your comments, suggestions, opinions regarding an interview or if you have any doubt or questions you can post them here or on the youtube channel.

Podcast Interview


Youtube Interview

If you want someone to get interviewed and currently working well in his/her field you can contact us and will surely try to connect them for all of you.

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