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Interview Series – #SuggiTalksWith – Mr. Harsh Mayar


We have started one series called Interview Series which is done on our youtube channel. TheStoryMist is a vlog and which is famous for sharing Hindi poems, Hindi short stories. Recently we have started a new session called #SuggiTalksWith,,  in which we are inviting people from different backgrounds and sharing their views and about their motivational story to the audience.

On 20th May 2020, we have interviewed Bollywood Actor Mr. Harsh Mayar.
Harsh Mayar is also famous as “Chota Kalam’. He has won National Award for his performance in I am Kalam.



Let’s look at the questions which have been asked to Mr. Harsh Mayar.

1. अगर हमें Harsh Mayar को जानना है तो हम आपके निभाए हुए या किसी और के निभाये हुए किस role से आपको जानेंगे?

2.Child Artist से लेकर film star तक का सफ़र आपको कितना Chota या कितना bada लगता है?

3. आपके हिसाब से onscreen life real life की तरह होती है या फिर real life onscreen life की तरह चलती है?

4. T.V. Shows और Movies हमेशा से अलग अलग दिशा में देखा गया है लेकिन आज के दौर में Movies और web series को एक जैसा माना जा रहा है, आपके हिसाब से क्या movies का alternate webseries माना जायेगा?

5. हम सभी के जीवन में कोई न कोई struggle होता है, आप किस तरह से एक आम आदमी की ज़िंदगी और एक celebrity की ज़िंदगी दोनो को कितना सरल और कितना कठिन मानते है?

Fan questiones

1.  Kya aap Ranveer Singh ki tareh dreesup hona pasand kerte hai?

2. Kya aap sheeshe ke aage ghanto-ghanto reharsal  kerte hai ?

To know more about this Bollywood star, please listen to this clip or you can go to thestorymist youtube channel. You can post your comments, suggestions, opinions regarding an interview or if you have any doubt or questions you can post them here or on the youtube channel.



I hope, you had enjoyed listening to Mr. Harsh Mayar from his own words. Keep Visiting Us to know more about people from different worlds.

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