Rootablewrites – Back to Blogging

Rootablewrites - Back to Blogging!

Rootablewrites – Back to Blogging

Hi everyone, this is Sugandha Agarwal you must have heard about me if you are into blogging from last 7 years.

I was the owner of Tech blog that is in 2013 which was live for 2 years later on I had to shut down due to some personal commitments.

But now after 5 years I a,m back to the blogging world with my new blog Rootablewrites which is a multi-niche blog where initially I will start with Blogging and Technology stuff. Slowly will add some lifestyle topics which you will surely love to read.

Rootablewrites - Back to Blogging!
Rootablewrites – Back to Blogging!

Let me first tell you more about me…

Initial Days of Blogging

In 2012, I was scrolling my Facebook feed where I come to know about the page “Tech Tricks World” which has so many tips and tricks related to Technology and computer.

Since I was the student of Computers so all the posts and shares attract my attention towards it and I directly connected with the site and owner of the blog Mr. Atish Ranjan.

While talking to him, he introduced me about Blogging at that time and I found it very much new and different concept.

So with his help, I started with BlogSpot blog at that time where I post articles for fun and do the reading and commenting on others blog which is related to blogging and other stuff, which later helped me in networking.

I was in touch with so many bloggers, Internet marketers, influencers not only Indian but foreigners as well and then I launched my Word press site with the help of Atish Bhai and I worked on that for 2 years which has PR – 2 and Alexa under 100k in its initial days.

People were actually following my work and encouraging me for the work. But due to some personal commitments, I had to delete it.  And I moved further with my offline world where I completed my Graduation and MBA with 2 years of job experience in Gurgaon, India as HR Recruiter.

Back to Blogging

After deleting my blog I was occupied with my post graduation and job. I always wanted to re-start my blog but due to lack of confidence, I was unable to make the first step. I was not sure that I will get the same amount of love, appreciation or support with the online world.

As in these 5 years, things are changed things are upside down people are actually opting online world seriously and competition is way more as compared to 5 years back.

But when I met my husband (that time fiancé) and I told him about my blogging journey somewhere he noticed and found I wanted to re-start my blogging journey again he pushed my confidence again to that level and now I am here in front of you all because of his support.

Just within 1 month of our marriage, our blog is live and I am back in my blogging world to express my knowledge in my own words to the world.

Birth of Rootablewrites

I was discussing different domain names or different keywords with my husband since I have already decided this will be a multi-niche site.

This time I don’t want to make any limit to the topics in which I want to write, so there will be no specific keyword in the domain name and I want to make it simple and Google friendly too. After a lot of brainstorming, we ended up to “Rootablewrites” which is created with 3 words “root” “able” “write” which has their specific meaning along.

Rootablewrites will be the blog where I will share all the information and will cover all the topics gradually. I want to make this blog more useful to you guys. So looking forward to the support and help from you guys.

Domain Name Hustles

To start a blog the very first thing which comes to mind about the name of the blog which should be friendly enough that everyone can remember it, Google friendly, easy and pronounceable and somewhere it should be brand alike.

Since I had already decided that this will be a multi-niche blog so I don’t want any keyword in between so I had some brainstorming session with my husband and we decided with this name which is not any niche specific but a generic name so that I am free to share any content here. We ended up to

Platform and Hosting for the blog

Since I have already worked with both the platforms Blogger and Word Press and I am aware of the benefits of word press platform so I have already decided to go with it. For this Gaurav from mrfoodiya helped me he has provided me hosting me for some time at his space and did all the initial setup including WordPress installation and updating name servers.

Social Media Updates

If you are starting any business online and/or offline then one thing which is very important is Social Media Updates and creating a facebook page, twitter handle, Instagram account, etc.

This will help in branding your name over social media and help to recognize the name in the online world.

Since a blog is a place where you share information and interact with people via comments or shares the same ways you show your online presence through these social media updates and this is helpful in building your network.

You can directly connect with your audience through social media by adding some valuable post and playing an important role in enhancing their knowledge.

For connecting with

Facebook Page ID:


Instagram: @rootablewrites



With all the updates and online platform I am all set to give myself a second chance in the blogging world and hopefully this time I will make it for the long run.

Need your best wishes and support with the new format with a new audience and new updates.

Looking for some valuable suggestions…



Image Source: Google Images and/or to the respective creators followed by my editing.

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1 year ago

Your first post is too good. Congratulations for the future.

Vaibhav Mule
1 year ago

Good to see you again! And this article shows that what you have got since then.

Best wishes, di.

1 year ago

Best of luck dear for d amzinggg journey towards ur career!!?

1 year ago

Commendable introductory blog. All the very best for future bloggings.

Mahaveer Verma
1 year ago

Welcome back! All the best di 🙂

Atish Ranjan
1 year ago

Hi Sugandha,

Welcome back to the business.

Hope this time you will be consistent and take things more seriously. Hope you grow your blog well, and touch the heights you always wanted to.

Many congratulations, and all the best for this blog.

Feel free to ping me if you need any help.


[…] Just in case if you have missed, here is the post and my journey so far, you can click on the mentioned link: Rootablewrites – Back to Blogging! […]

Shivkumar Lohar
1 year ago

Welcome back! Sugandha,

Happy to see you back to blogging. Keep rocking.

-SK Lohar

Reji Stephenson
1 year ago

Hi Sugandha,

Glad to hear from you. Hope you will have a great time with your new blog.

Best wishes

Reji Stephenson


[…] Just in case if you have missed, here is the post and my journey so far, you can click on the mentioned link: Rootablewrites – Back to Blogging! […]

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