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Societal Thoughts – What is Society?

Change of society

What is society?

This question always hurts you, Am I right?
“ye char log kon hai?”, “ye char log kya kahenge?”
Well, the answer is still not here…

Nobody is there in these four people. Still, everyone includes in this society.
I never say these four people will be seen by you or you have never heard about them.

Nobody is there in this society. this society includes our family, colleagues and the people with whom you are attached.

You make this society and you are the only responsible person to make this society.

Buddy, what you think this society is a part of you or you are a part of this society?

“Bhai, nahi nikal payega answer..”

This is the most dangerous question for everybody life.
You have to follow this society rules, everybody has to follow social rules.

Their rules are forcible you have to follow them.

Your parents shut your mouth by saying ” char log kya kahenge”.

“what will be our image in this society.” all bullshit!

Change of society
what is society

Meanwhile, you can check Poem section also.

The people to whom you didn’t like why you will include him or her as a part of your life.
All these things are bullshit.

Buddy, there are only two choices with you ” Either you can make another society or you can change the thoughts of society”.

If you are unable to follow these choices then in last you have only one choice i.e., you have to follow their rules and regulations.

Dude, this is not as much easy as you think it so, you can’t change the thoughts of society.

Because ultimately, for somebody you are also a part of society.

If you want to change the thoughts of society, you have to change the thoughts of yours. if you will change your thought, society thought will also change one day.

If you will loose to change yourself, then don’t think about social change.

“beta sudhar ja, samaye se pahele.” if everybody will think as we are thinking, then one day this society will change. “bhai likh kr le le”.

But this is your and my thoughts not others thoughts.

What Majority Says for change of society…

The power is in the majority. Majority of people thoughts should be like you and me.
“bhai, aakela chana bhad nahi phod sakta”.

These four people are those people who never say to do the things which you want .

But they will always make their child as you want to become and your parent will discuss ” fala ke ladke ko dekh, kitna successfull hai, or ek tu hai”. what did we do?

Reality Check

This is a real society. You and I belong to the middle-class family. We have to face this all bullshit.
Society has already decided what you will do in the future.

They will never ask from you what you want to do and they will forcefully apply their thoughts on you.

Why? and How much time?

This all things are now over. Only you and I can do something. Hopefully, we will change these society thoughts. We will change and will never do such bullshits to our child. We will make the society who will understand your and mine problems and will support us.

” bhai ye kehna aashan hai” while doing this you have to fight from society it means you have to fight from your family, from your colleagues and all those who are related to your family.

This is very tough, to be against your family. You can be against your colleagues, neighbor and all other exclude your family but it is very tough to be against your family.

Especially your papa, mummy, sister, and brother, etc…….

These society thoughts are not of today. These thoughts are in their daily routine from long and long years ago.

For the upcoming Generation

Generally what you have in your mind is “tit for tat” whatever you have faced in your life, you will make face the same for the future generation.

You will say to next-generation ” humne bhi kiya hai , tum bhi karoge” ” humne aapne badon se nahi kaha ki hum nahi karenge , jaisa unhone kaha humne kr diya, koi saval nahi kiya”.

Change is a necessity

Generally if you are going to change the thoughts of society then you have to change at that place where your next generation is coming and they do not have any kind of problem with your thought, there only you will get the right answer that has you changed the society thoughts otherwise you are also a part of society, nobody can change the thoughts of society.

So get ready for the changes. Get up and start changing your thoughts for the next generation. Leave them as they want to live their life, trust them and guide for the right path.

If they just not understand your path, then let them be in their path and complete support them.

Do not hesitate to support if they are not moving in your path.

Like this, you and your society thoughts will be change and you will take a breath in free, fresh and changed societal thoughts society.

This is not done yet.

These things have to understand by your next generation too. it depends on your next-generation too that if they again charged their thoughts on their next-generation forcibly, then it will be the part where your all effort will disappear and again you will be in that society which you wanted to change.

So it is very necessary to change the thoughts of others too. it can be by making the community of those people who have the same thought like you and make free for your next-generation either they can follow community or society made by you or they can make their own community or society.

By this, you will not point out or blame society for anything because this has been made by you. and the same will be applicable to your next generation too.

Let me know in the comment section about your thoughts and what steps you are going to take after reading this article.

Or if you can suggest some better ideas to change the society then me know.

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